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The primary purpose of buying an insurance policy is to get the adequate coverage when required. There are certain terms and conditions in each and every insurance policy; you’re entitled to get the coverage that is listed in your specific policy. You’ll not be able to claim any coverage that is excluded from your particular policy. However, you need to fill out an insurance claim form in order to file your claim.

The first step to claim your coverage is to get your claim form, for which you need to contact your insurance company. The forms are usually self explanatory and it is quite easy to fill them out correctly. All you have to do is just provide the accurate information in the respective fields.

It requires no mention that you need to fill out different claim forms for claiming different types of insurances. Moreover, a specific insurance claim form (as for example, health insurance) may differ from one company to another. However, usually you need to fill out some basic information, which are given below.

  • Personal details: Each and every claim form requires some personal details that you need to fill out. You’ll have to write down your personal details (such as, your name and address) as documented in your insurance company.
  • Policy Number: You’ll have to mention your insurance policy number, with the help of which the company will identify your policy.
  • Reasons for filing the claim: This is one of the most important fields in any insurance claim form. You need to describe in details why you’re filing the claim.
  • Apart from providing the required information, you may also need to attach certain documents as evidence. As for example, for claiming a health insurance, you need to attach itemized receipts and the list of services (along with the respective dates) that are provided to you.

    After you’ve filled out the insurance claim form, read it once again to make sure that you’ve provided the necessary information in the respective fields. Then, call your insurance company and inform them that you’re sending the claim form; mention all the documents that you’ve attached with it. Inquire how long you’ll have to wait in order to get the coverage amount. Before sending the form to the insurance company, do not forget to make copies of the filled out claim form; also make copies of each and every documents that you’re attaching with it. If your claim form gets lost, then you can submit one if you have the copies. The last step is to send the form through a certified mail to your insurance provider.

    It is quite necessary to fill out an insurance claim form with accurate information as otherwise you might face a problem in getting the adequate coverage. Therefore, if you’re not sure about what information to provide, then you can take help of your insurance agent, who can guide you on how to fill out the respective sections with necessary information.

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